Sunday Kitchen

The Sunday Menu

Served 12-6pm


All roasts served with tender stem broccoli, savoy cabbage, Roasted carrots & parsnips, Roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding & gravy (vegetables choice does change seasonally and may vary)

Sirloin of Beef, served med-rare £14.50

Turkey Breast £13

Pork Belly £13

Lamb leg £13.50

Stuffed Pork Belly £13

Homemade mushroom & hazelnut Wellington V £12

Homemade nut roast £11

The Combo Roast, a mix of two meats (not available in a smaller portion) £16.50

All Roasts are available in a smaller portion for the smaller appetite

Beef £11,  Turkey £9.50, Lamb £10, Stuffed Pork belly £9.50, Nut £8.50, Wellington £9


Cauliflower cheese £3.50, Roast potatoes £2.50, Yorkshire pudding £1.50, Pigs in blankets £2.50


Roast Beef & horseradish £7.50

Cheddar & spring onion £6 V


Lemon meringue pie £4.95 (gluten free/vegan)

Chocolate & clementine torte £4.95 (gluten free)

Cheese Board, biscuits, chutney, grapes £7

Add a glass or Cockburn’s Port £3


Please ask our staff for the children’s menu and colouring.